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handmade jewelry, Vintage button ring-Aphrodite-Goddess of love-sterling silver-size 8



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Vintage bu ripple ringtton ring, now on sale! Previou ripple ringsly $78. I believe this is exactly the sort of ring that Aphrodite, Goddess of Love wou ripple ringld have worn! Dramatic waves swirl across the su ripple ringrface, deep teals are bru ripple ringshed over with soft iridescence, delicate sterling prongs hold it all in place.The glass cabochon in this ring was initially a vintage bu ripple ringtton. I removed the bu ripple ringtton from the back and created a bezel to hold it. The entire ring is hand fabricated ou ripple ringt of sterling silver. I have given the silver a bru ripple ringshed finish for added softness.This ring is the only one of its kind, I haven't any more of the bu ripple ringttons. I am not able to size this ring, bu ripple ringt am open to hu ripple ringnting for similar bu ripple ringttons if you ripple ring desire one.This ring fits a size 8 US, Q British, 57 3/4 French,18 German, 16 Japanese, 17 3/4 Swiss.This is a cocktail size ring, the bu ripple ringtton is 18mm.Shank is 3mm half rou ripple ringnd.

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