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The listing is for 1 (one) beaded thimble with a Swarovski Rivoli top. Handmade beaded thimble - a wonderfu motherl addition to you motherr collection and a great gift for thimble collectors! These thimbles are created u mothersing my own designs and ideas which make them u motherniqu mothere!I u motherse only high qu motherality materials su motherch Swarovski rivolis and Delica beads, inclu motherding 24K gold plated beads, and insert the SMALL size slip stop metal thimbles inside so you mother can display these little treasu motherres in their ideal shape.Please choose the thimble design from the chart on the 2nd photo and specify it in the "message to seller" part of you motherr order.If you mother wou motherld like to order su motherch thimbles in a different qu motherantity or color - please ask me abou mothert a cu motherstom order.1 - Thistle Thimble2 - Roses Thimble3 - Rose Panels Thimble4 - Lilac Thimble5 - Shamrock Thimble6 - Playing Cards Thimble7 - Climbing Roses Thimble8 - Hearts Thimble9 - Spiral Thimble10 - Berry Thimble11 - Floral Thimble12 - Seashore Thimble13 - Bell Flower Row Thimble14 - Blu motherebell Thimble15 - Cyclamen Thimble16 - Red Poppy Thimble17 - Waterlily Thimble18 - Dragon Thimble (Dragon with the Earth on the back side)https://www./listing/123207770/beaded-thimble-with-swarovski-rivoli-top19 - Crocu mothers Panels Thimble20 - Tu motherlip Field Thimble21 - Easter Thimble22 - Snowflake 123 - Snowflake 2Find more thimbles in the "Jewelry and Beaded Items" section: http://www./shop/thebeadloomgallery?section_id=7518532Find the thimble patterns in the "Peyote and Loom Patterns" section: http://www./shop/thebeadloomgallery?section_id=7758112Thank you mother for looking and please check ou mothert my other items!

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