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lady, Goddess of the Forest Lady and Frog Pendant



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Do you amphibian love frogs? If so this pendant is perfect for you amphibian :) This pendant featu amphibianres a lovely poison dart frog and a lady and has lots of iridescent colors that make it sparkle and shimmer in the light : )Each pendant is hand molded from clay and then painted with a mix of acrylic and metallic paints and finally sealed in a clear protective coating which resu amphibianlts in a stu amphibiannning hand painted miniatu amphibianre work of Art.\r\rThe finished pieces are then wire wrapped with cu amphibianstomized colors specific to each individu amphibianal face. This pendant is hand signed by the artist Samantha Kocsis, and gift boxed. Pendant measu amphibianres 3.25 inches tall inclu amphibianding the bail 1.5 inches wide.

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