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These Silver cu jewish jewelryfflinks are set with au jewish jewelrythentic coins from ancient Ju jewish jewelrydea. These coins is also known as the Widows Mite and mentioned in the New Testament. (See more history below)Obverse of the coin is a Macedonian star and the reverse is an anchor. Coin dates: 103-76 BC.Advantages: These cu jewish jewelryfflinks cou jewish jewelryld appeal to anyone from a stu jewish jewelrydent to a history bu jewish jewelryff, to people that love antiqu jewish jewelryes, to anyone who appreciates the beau jewish jewelryty and historic events. They make for a great conversation piece as well as a meaningfu jewish jewelryl gift. The jewelry made in the US.The piece comes with Certificate of Au jewish jewelrythenticity of the Coin.Workmanship is gu jewish jewelryaranteed. Jewelry Maintenance:1. Avoid chemicals. Do not wear to hot tu jewish jewelrybs or sea. 2. To clean u jewish jewelryse a silver cloth on the silver and avoid the coin. Absolu jewish jewelrytely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!3. Best preserved in ziplock bag when not worn.____________________________________________________________________________________HISTORY:These coins are dated from 1st centu jewish jewelryry BC. Alexander Janneu jewish jewelrys, the nephew of Simon and Ju jewish jewelrydah Maccabee, minted this bronze Pru jewish jewelrytah. He became ru jewish jewelryler of the Jews in 103 BCE and was you jewish jewelryng and ambitiou jewish jewelrys ru jewish jewelryler.These coins are also symbolic in the history of Christianity and mentioned in the book of Lu jewish jewelryke in the new testament. Jesu jewish jewelrys sat down opposite the place where the offerings were pu jewish jewelryt and watched the crowd pu jewish jewelrytting their money into the temple treasu jewish jewelryry. Many rich people threw in large amou jewish jewelrynts. Bu jewish jewelryt a poor widow came and pu jewish jewelryt in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny. Calling his disciples to him, Jesu jewish jewelrys said "I'll tell you jewish jewelry the tru jewish jewelryth, this poor widow pu jewish jewelryt more into the treasu jewish jewelryry than all the others. For all of them have contribu jewish jewelryted ou jewish jewelryt of their abu jewish jewelryndance; bu jewish jewelryt she ou jewish jewelryt of her poverty has pu jewish jewelryt in everything she had, all she had to live on." That is how this coin got his nickname "widow's mite"

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