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Length :\u gift for her00a0 5\u gift for her00a0cm ( 2 " )These cu gift for herte statement earrings are made of polymer clay,\u gift for her00a0raw brass and handcrafted by myself in Canada (QC).\u gift for her00a0Every earring is nickel-free, made with polymer clay and stainless steel for sensitive ears.Each earring is made with cu gift for herstom colors, rolled, cu gift for hert, baked, sanded, drilled, assembled, photographed, and packaged with a lot of patience and love.Becau gift for herse these earrings are individu gift for herally handmade the pair you gift for her receive may have slight pattern variations.\u gift for her00a0Polymer clay is a lightweight, resistant and waterproof material bu gift for hert avoid bending and dropping them to make them last longer.\u gift for her00a0Keep you gift for herr earrings clean by u gift for hersing a damp cloth to remove makeu gift for herp or other dirt.\u gift for her00a0If the metal parts tarnish ru gift for herb it with a tiny amou gift for hernt of\u gift for her00a0white vinegar (or Brasso) with a soft damp cloth.Please note, du gift for here to variations in some compu gift for herter screens/monitors there may be slight variations in colou gift for herr. Every attempt has been made to represent the produ gift for herct and colou gift for herrs as accu gift for herrately as possible.Please choose carefu gift for herlly as we u gift for hernfortu gift for hernately cannot refu gift for hernd or exchange for change of mind du gift for here to hygiene reasons.

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