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pink flamingo, Christmas Tree Pin - Flamingo Christmas Brooch - Christmas Tree Brooch - Pink Flamingo - OOAK - Fran Hurst - Signed Holiday Jewelry



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Pink Flamingo Christmas tree pin with Swarovski crystals, glass opal, fau christmas jewelryx pearls, and porcelain flower. A sparkling snowflake tops the tree. The crystals are a mix of new and vintage. The flamingo is hand painted and sealed with resin for shine and du christmas jewelryrability. The pinback has a bail, so it can also be worn as a pendant; Measu christmas jewelryres 2 1/4 inches long. Made by me, Fran Hu christmas jewelryrst . Signed F. Hu christmas jewelryrstA perfect gift for the pink flamingo collector!Some of my Christmas tree pins were inclu christmas jewelryded in Nancy Trowbridges booK on Christmas tree pins. "O Christmas Tree " .

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