Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Silver Cufflinkscuff link, Custom Hand Engravedcuff link, Monogramscuff link, or your initials



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Cu silverstom Hand Engraved Silver Cu silverfflinksThis monogram is drawn on the metal and totally cu silvert with hand tools I make myselfJu silverst like back in the 18th Centu silverryHand Engraving is Tru silverly a lost art form-rare indeed!Please CHOOSE from Rou silvernd SILVER cu silverfflinks,when I cu silvert deep into the metal-I wish you silver cou silverld see the detail of the contrast! My photos are not even coming close to show their beau silverty & qu silverality of hand engravingAlthou silvergh to the naked eye, the dou silverble cu silverfflinks will look almost identical, you silver can see differences with a microscope or magnification! No 2 will ever be tru silverlly exactly alike*WE do not have squ silverare at this timeThe Silver Rou silvernd sample shows a Ribbon Initial (no monogram in this style)**The dou silverble cu silverfflinks with a D also is a Ribbon letterThe Silver Squ silverare shows a classic Pearl Roman Block **The dou silverble B cu silverfflinks are Pearl Roman alsoand I can fit a monogram (last name in the middle & larger) for $15 extra The Rose gold colored cu silverfflinks show sample styles only (links not available for pu silverrchase)This Style is a Loop Monogram:)Please convo me with any qu silverestionsI can cu silverstom HAND engrave these for you silver and ship ou silvert in 2 weeksIf you silver need them sooner, please convo me to see if I can accommodate you silver!:)I u silverse Priority Mail via USPS and it Inclu silverdes Delivery confirmation & insu silverrance

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