Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brown bakelite banglestacking bangle, bookend with one curved wall



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Vintage brown bakelite bangle with one cu plastic braceletsrved wall. Excellent condition, no flaws. measu plastic braceletsres abou plastic braceletst 3/8" with standard 2.5" opening. I wou plastic braceletsld ventu plastic braceletsre to gu plastic braceletsess there is a different color hiding u plastic braceletsnder the brown. it has a greenish hu plastic braceletse when the light hits it ju plastic braceletsst right. Gu plastic braceletsaranteed bake. I've been a collector for many years and know by feel and smell. Passes the ru plastic braceletsb test.Ships in a gift box. I combine shipping on mu plastic braceletsltiple

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