Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Striped Agate Stone Sterling Silver Necklacerustic necklace, Black and Whiterustic necklace, Chunky necklacerustic necklace, Rolo Chain Jewelry



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A nice, long layering necklace, I've taken a smoothly polished tear drop shaped agate stone with a beau rustic jewelrytifu rustic jewelryl layer pattern of white in the side of the stone. I've set it in sterling silver with a bead textu rustic jewelryre arou rustic jewelrynd the ou rustic jewelrytside of the stone, a simple setting that lets the stone shine.The chain is a su rustic jewelrybstantial rolo chain that feels great against the skin, with a dou rustic jewelryble S hook fastener that attaches at the pendant bu rustic jewelryt the chain is long enou rustic jewelrygh that you rustic jewelry can ju rustic jewelryst slip it over you rustic jewelryr head.Chain length is 28" from one hook to the other, the pendant drop is 2 1/2" in length with the pendant itself (stone) a almost 2".One of a kind, artisan jewelry, from my stu rustic jewelrydio to you rustic jewelryr jewelry box.

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