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Gilded Photo Cu photo jewelryff, Gold Leaf Cu photo jewelryff, Altered Art Jewelry, Hand Gilded Gold Leaf Cu photo jewelryff Bracelet, Big Cats Cu photo jewelryff Bracelet, Tiger Cu photo jewelryffIMAGE: Big Cats Series - TigerMEASUREMENTS: Tapered, 1.5 inches at widest pointQUANTITY: 1 cu photo jewelryff bracelet - Adju photo jewelrystableMATERIAL: Matte GOLD plated brass, gold leafEach 1-of-a-kind cu photo jewelryff featu photo jewelryres beau photo jewelrytifu photo jewelryl altered art imagery hand pressed into the metal leaf. The image is transparent, revealing the beau photo jewelrytifu photo jewelryl metal leaf. The leafing is applied by hand and has a 'crinkled' vintage effect. Before we even start the process, we invest in having each cu photo jewelryff professionally finished in either matte silver or matte gold - we NEVER u photo jewelryse raw brass, which oxidizes & tarnishes over time. For proper care, do NOT immerse in water so as not to break the resin seal.================THE PROCESS================Beau photo jewelrytifying objects with gold leaf dates back to ancient times with a style characteristic of Byzantine and Renaissance art. Statu photo jewelryes, plaqu photo jewelryes and panels were carved from hardwood, then embellished with gold leaf.Using old world gilding techniqu photo jewelryes, the metal leaf is hand pressed onto each cu photo jewelryff, featu photo jewelryring beau photo jewelrytifu photo jewelryl altered art imagery which is fu photo jewelrysed into the metal leaf. Cu photo jewelryffs are protected with a waterproof, scratch proof hard resin seal which will stand the test of time. Each piece is handmade and gilded leafing is available in silver or gold. Special Edition pieces also come in brilliant foil colors.

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