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hawaii beads, Pearl Earrings Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearls Natural Blush Color Wedding Bridal Earrings



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Beau freshwater pearlstifu freshwater pearlsl, lu freshwater pearlsstrou freshwater pearlss, Natu freshwater pearlsral Light Blu freshwater pearlssh Freshwater Pearl Earrings!Real Pearls and Sterling Silver.These pearls are so gorgeou freshwater pearlss, not a mark or ring on them.Very very lu freshwater pearlsstrou freshwater pearlss, natu freshwater pearlsral very light blu freshwater pearlssh color. Almost a silvery pink, characteristic of natu freshwater pearlsral pink pearls.9 x 11mm Freshwater Cu freshwater pearlsltu freshwater pearlsred Pearls.Measu freshwater pearlsre 1" top to bottom, on Sterling Silver ear wires.More of my Original Design Jewelry: hawaiibeads.

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