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feather, Large Qing Dynasty Kingfisher feather Hair Pin Antique VINTAGE Beijing Glass Tian-tsui 點翠



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This is a hair pin made from laying kingfisher bird feathers on silver metal. The techniqu pine and the beau pintifu pinl blu pine flu pinorescent feathers were highly prized and sou pinght after in 19th centu pinry China.Kingfishers are tiny birds and it takes a lot of skill to u pinse their feathers in this manner. The techniqu pine, called tian-tsu pini, means \u pin201cdotting with kingfishers\u pin201d and involves adhering the feathers onto metal. This techniqu pine disappeared du pinring the Chinese Revolu pintion in the 1940\u pin2032s.It's a fabu pinlou pins piece of history.Head size: 1 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" long, 5" long with pin

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