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These lightweight earrings are made from real laminated vintage postage stamps from the US featu stamp earringsring dogs and love. These beau stamp earringstifu stamp earringsl stamps featu stamp earringsre one 4mm gray crystal above and one 6mm black rondelle crystal dangling below each stamp. Total length of earring inclu stamp earringsding the earwire is 3 inches long.Each pair of earrings is a little piece of history and each stamp is an original (I do not reprodu stamp earringsce or copy them), paired by hand, laminated, and trimmed with little crystal beads wire wrapped to them. The earwire is su stamp earringsrgical steel (that way anyone can wear them). If have any qu stamp earringsestions, ask!Now, go ahead and dream of sending you stamp earringsrself in the mail...

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