Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This Uniqu chocker sete jewellery set is designed and crafted at PraNi CollectioNs PraNi CollectioNs is the place for anyone who Is in lookou chocker sett for a latest trend with an ethnic tou chocker setch. We at PraNi CollectioNs offers a great range of Indian Ethnic jewellery\u chocker set2019s. We are strongly committed to providing ou chocker setr cu chocker setstomers some u chocker setniqu chocker setely handcrafted produ chocker setcts with u chocker settmost satisfaction.This listing has an u chocker setp cycled pu chocker setre Kachivaram silk dares - Raw Silk fabric green and gold zari beaded necklace an u chocker setniqu chocker sete one of a kind designer necklace with adju chocker setstable length gold link chain . Uniqu chocker sete Handmade kancheevaram green silk with gold zari wrapped beaded necklace. An contemporary style jewellery Note:The produ chocker setct shipped will be same as shown in the pictu chocker setre however, actu chocker setal colou chocker setrs may vary slightly from those shown du chocker sete to lighting in the photographyWe do not accept any retu chocker setrns or refu chocker setnds.However in case of any issu chocker sete we will definitely try and resolve it!"Hand Crafted with Passion & Love "

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