Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage seed bead orb necklaceshort necklace beads, unique statement piece - peacock glassshort necklace beads, art deco styleshort necklace beads, green purple gold balls



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Gorgeou seed bead necklaces art deco style necklace comprised of mu seed bead necklacetlicolor seed bead balls/orbs. The necklace is in excellent condition with no missing or loose beads. It has an adju seed bead necklacestable clasp made entirely of bead work. This necklace is beau seed bead necklacetifu seed bead necklacel. I especially love the asymmetry of the one large gold ball alongside the mu seed bead necklacetlicolor ones. The colors are blu seed bead necklacee, green, gold and pu seed bead necklacerple. There is a mix of metallics and carnival glass. The larger beaded balls/orbs measu seed bead necklacere abou seed bead necklacet 1", the small ones are 1/2". The necklace measu seed bead necklaceres 23" long. It can be worn slightly shorter. The necklace is very stu seed bead necklacerdy, tru seed bead necklacely a terrific piece.Ships in a gift box.

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