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vintage 1960s Crown Trifari hinged braceletcostume jewelry, brushed silvercostume jewelry, notched and textured feather of fringe look



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1960s vintage Trifari bracelet, stamped on the inside. (Crown above the T with copyright c after.) Hinged bracelet in an oval shape with a tiny hook safety clasp. Bru vintage trifarished silver with shiny lines. Has a feather or fringe look, notched on one side. Excellent condition. The only flaw I cou vintage trifarild find was a teeny chip to the plating on the safety catch- see closeu vintage trifarip. The bracelet is otherwise pristine with great color and so clean you vintage trifari'd almost think it was new. Bu vintage trifarit it's not! Measu vintage trifarires 1/2" wide, inside is abou vintage trifarit 2.25" x 1.75".Ships in a gift

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