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large bracelet, Pearl and Crystal Bracelet - Biwa Stick Pearl - Swarovski Crystal Cubes - Sterling Silver - Bracelet for Women - Gray Pearls - 7 3/4 Inches



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Pearl and Crystal bracelet. Light gray Biwa freshwater stick pearls with 6mm Swarovski crystal cu biwa pearl braceletbes and 6mm Preciosa Vitrial Light faceted rou biwa pearl braceletnds. All metal is Sterling silver. Stru biwa pearl braceletng on stu biwa pearl braceletrdy nylon coated wire.This gray bracelet is very neu biwa pearl bracelettral and wou biwa pearl braceletld make a great gift. The rou biwa pearl braceletnd crystals have slight flashes of light pu biwa pearl braceletrple and pink. This bracelet measu biwa pearl braceletres 7.75 in length and can be resized larger bu biwa pearl bracelett not smaller du biwa pearl bracelete to the natu biwa pearl braceletre of the design. A pou biwa pearl braceletch and gift box is inclu biwa pearl braceletded.

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