Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass necklace, Statement Necklace - Crystal Pendant - Cascading Blush Freshwater Pearls - Antiqued Brass - Necklace for Women



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Statement necklace featu neutral necklacering an oval pendant with new and vintage Swarovski crystals set into epoxy resin clay. The pendant hangs from hand wired cascading blu neutral necklacesh freshwater pearls along with coordinating Swarovski Crystal beads. The neu neutral necklacetral crystal colors u neutral necklacesed are Vintage Rose, Golden Shadow, and Crystal AB. All metal is antiqu neutral necklaceed brass.The oval crystal piece measu neutral necklaceres 2 inches long. The overall length of the hanging pendant is 3.5 inches.This necklace looks fabu neutral necklacelou neutral necklaces both short and long. You neutral necklace have a choice of 18-20-24-30 inch chain.A pou neutral necklacech and gift box is inclu neutral necklaceded.

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