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beads, Vintage Inspired Book Locket Necklace



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This darling vintage book locket necklace is su metal findingsre to delight anyone who loves to dive in to a good book!Antiqu metal findingse Copper locket is filled with two book page cu metal findingst ou metal findingsts from a book copyrighted in 1860. Locket measu metal findingsres 1/2" tall and is adorned with a vintage yellow rose, circu metal findingslar cameo. Locket hangs from a contemporary white rose bead on an antiqu metal findingse bronze 28" chain adorned with a contemporary white bead.**Note: Please be aware that there may be a slight variation in shade & color du metal findingse to the monitor you metal findings are viewing the pictu metal findingsre on. Also, all lockets have different book pages inside and are not adhered to the inside of the locket in the event you metal findings want to place you metal findingsr own lovely pictu metal findingsres/paper inside. xo

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