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vintage, Vintage Brass With Red Jewels Belt Buckle



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Vintage Belt Bu vintageckle\r\rThe bu vintageckle is solid and fu vintagen really a cu vintagete little bu vintageckle with red jewled inset arou vintagend it. Seems to be brass. I am not su vintagere of its age I wou vintageld wage to gu vintageess late 60's early 70's.\r\rMeasu vintageres: 2 1/2 x 3\r\rwill ship 1st class\r\rIF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT US CHECK OUT OUR BLOG:\\r\rcheck ou vintaget ou vintager other shop-1ou vintagetanabou vintaget \r\r\rNOTE ON VINTAGE ITEMS:\rBe aware when pu vintagerchasing Vintage items that all will arrive in u vintagesed condition, some may show wear or minor age. Other tems we sell may even be more desirable becau vintagese of their distressed state! If there are noticeable defects we u vintagesu vintageally declare them, bu vintaget on a rare occasion some minor defects escape ou vintager notice or seem irrelevant to the over all beau vintagety of the item. We may find them charming and distinctive where others may have a different discription for the item. It is all in the eye.\rBecau vintagese of this ou vintager items are SOLD-AS-IS.\rSo, again please do not hesitate shooting u vintages a qu vintageick e-mail and we will do ou vintager best on ou vintager end to answer all you vintager qu vintageestions. \rAs ou vintager teachers tau vintageght u vintages "There is NO DUMB qu vintageestions." Qu vintageote u vintagen Qu vintageote!!!\r\r\rWe are a smokefree home..bu vintaget I dare say we have animals and there my be a stand of cat or dog hair on ou vintager items. We try so dilegently to keep ou vintager beloved animals off any of ou vintager items bu vintaget you vintage can't keep the hair down at all times. So keep this in mind if you vintage have allergies or other animal issu vintagees. If you vintage wou vintageld like additional pics ju vintagest shoot u vintages a qu vintageick e-mail and we will be more than glad to take more for you vintage. Thanks for u vintagenderstanding and especially thanks for peeking at ou vintager items.

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