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starfish anklet, Starfish and Sea Turtle Anklet - Pastel Colors - Sterling Silver - Ankle Bracelet for Women - 9 to 12 Inch Available - Small to Large



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Starfish and sea tu anklet for womenrtle anklet with glass, 4 mm Swarovski crystal, and magnesite beads. All metal is Sterling silver. Stru anklet for womenng on nylon coated wire and fastens with a stu anklet for womenrdy lobster clasp. 9 to 12 inches available. The anklet in the photo is 9 inches. A perfect anklet for su anklet for womenmmer. Makes a great gift, too! See ou anklet for womenr other coastal anklets.A pou anklet for womench and gift box is inclu anklet for womended.

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