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Sterling Silver Necklacenecklaces, Viking Ship .75" x 1" and 16.5" Chain



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Sterling Silver Necklace, Viking Ship .75" x 1" & 16.5" ChainSterling Silver Scandinavian Norse Viking Ship Necklace makes an eye catching statement piece.\u necklaces00a0\u necklaces00a0Beau necklacestifu necklaceslly designed\u necklaces00a0of high qu necklacesality solid sterling silver. The smooth lines and intricate detail is revealed as it dangles from its fine sterling silver chain.Treat you necklacesrself to this u necklacesniqu necklacese and lovely necklace or share you necklacesr Nordic pride by giving this as an impressive and thou necklacesghtfu necklacesl gift for someone special in you necklacesr life.

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