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Smooth like bu handstamped ringtter is right! This style of ring has a su handstamped ringper comfortable cu handstamped ringrve, and a nice heavy thickness. Add to that the fact that they can be personalized with you handstamped ringr own message and they are ju handstamped ringst abou handstamped ringt perfect :)Posey rings date back for centu handstamped ringries and were first given as engagement rings inscribed with sentiments of love. Throu handstamped ringgh time the phrase "posey ring" began to refer to a ring with writing on it.My lines of posey rings are stamped with u handstamped ringplifting and affirmational words and phrases. They are solid sterling silver. Rings can be stacked. Perfect for you handstamped ringrself or to give as gifts. The versatile design looks great alone or together with other rings. The bands are abou handstamped ringt 3mm tall.These rings are cu handstamped ringstom made with the message of you handstamped ringr choice. I make several versions of message rings, however this is one combines the the weight of the heavier bands with the size and look of my thinner versions. The rou handstamped ringnded cu handstamped ringrves of this style make for an extra comfortable ring.The text is *tiny* (u handstamped ringnder 1mm) and is an all u handstamped ringppercase font.I also offer posey rings in different widths and thicknesses. Look in my cu handstamped ringstom made items to see the available styles: http://www./shop/KathrynRiechert?section_id=5227703***The rings are made from scratch. To learn more abou handstamped ringt the process, you handstamped ring can see me make a posey ring start to finish in this photo set: rings are fabricated and will have a solder joint (a thin line or dot where the 2 ends of the ring come together). I do not plate my rings.************************************************************RING DETAILS *Please Read*1. Ring dimensions: abou handstamped ringt 3mm tall and 2mm thick2. How long does it take? Click the 'Shipping and Policies' tab (u handstamped ringnder the photographs and at the top of the this description) for information on shipping times and my shop policies.3. What size can you handstamped ring order? I can make virtu handstamped ringally any whole, half, or qu handstamped ringarter size. (Sizes 1-20)4. Do you handstamped ring have other styles of these rings? I do offer these rings in different widths and thicknesses. Look in my cu handstamped ringstom made items to see the available styles: http://www./shop/KathrynRiechert?section_id=52277035. How long can my message be?Please read throu handstamped ringgh the remainder of this listing to find ou handstamped ringt :)6. How many rings are inclu handstamped ringded?Price is for ONE ring. If you handstamped ring wou handstamped ringld like to order more than one, please add a ring to you handstamped ringr shopping cart, and then adju handstamped ringst the qu handstamped ringantity in you handstamped ringr cart.7. How do you handstamped ring place an order? Add a ring to you handstamped ringr shopping cart and proceed throu handstamped ringgh checkou handstamped ringt. Du handstamped ringring checkou handstamped ringt you handstamped ring will see a comment box where you handstamped ring can leave the necessary details for you handstamped ringr ring. To make it easier, copy and paste this block of text into the comment box, and then fill in the details.Checklist for ordering...ring size:ou handstamped ringtside message:inside message:****** CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS *********FONTS: This style of ring is ONLY available in the all u handstamped ringppercase block font pictu handstamped ringred in the listing. It is tiny (abou handstamped ringt 1mm in size) bu handstamped ringt is readable. I love it, becau handstamped ringse it makes the message a little more private and personal for the wearer. *Lowercase is not possible for this width of ring.*I can also stamp nu handstamped ringmbers, a heart, and a few symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you handstamped ring are requ handstamped ringesting a heart symbol, please signify it like this (heart symbol). I do not have a degree symbol to u handstamped ringse (for coordinates) however I have fou handstamped ringnd that a dot works well in its place. I will add a patina to darken the lettering u handstamped ringnless otherwise noted. The rings u handstamped ringndergo several steps to receive their final polish, and this u handstamped ringsu handstamped ringally resu handstamped ringlts in a lower contrast between the dark lettering and shiny su handstamped ringrface.***MESSAGE LENGTH AND PLACEMENT: Cu handstamped ringstom messages can be a maximu handstamped ringm of 35 characters long (inclu handstamped ringding spaces between words).The message can be all on in the ou handstamped ringtside, all on the inside, or a combination. If you handstamped ringr message is divided between the inside and ou handstamped ringtside of the band, the COMBINED total of character spaces shou handstamped ringld not exceed 35. For example, 25 on one side and 10 on the other.These rings are stamped by hand, as su handstamped ringch, letter placement will have a whimsical tou handstamped ringch. This embodies the charm of a hand stamped piece and is not to be considered a flaw.*****CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES*****Rings will be made exactly as written (aside from qu handstamped ringotation marks). If you handstamped ring want the qu handstamped ringotation marks inclu handstamped ringded you handstamped ring will need to mention that in a statement su handstamped ringch as 'Please inclu handstamped ringde the qu handstamped ringotation marks.'I cannot accept retu handstamped ringrns on cu handstamped ringstom orders, so please make su handstamped ringre the text, spelling, and size you handstamped ring requ handstamped ringest are accu handstamped ringrate. If you handstamped ring order the wrong size, a local jeweler shou handstamped ringld be able to size ring(s) for you handstamped ring, or I can resize them for a fee.After I have received you handstamped ringr order, changes might not be possible. For this reason, a fee to cover time and materials (u handstamped ringsu handstamped ringally $10-$20) will apply if the change requ handstamped ringires me to start over on you handstamped ringr piece.**********************************************************Don't know you handstamped ringr RING SIZE?There are many sizing methods offered online, however many are inaccu handstamped ringrate. Having you handstamped ringr finger sized at a local jewelry store is the most accu handstamped ringrate method, and is what I recommend.If you handstamped ring need to convert a size from a non-US sizing system, this site is wonderfu handstamped ringl: also sell ring sizers in this link: https://www./listing/739946594/reu handstamped ringsable-ring-sizer-tool-to-find-you handstamped ringr?ref=shop_home_active_2&frs=1If you handstamped ring order the wrong size, resizing is offered for a fee. Please check my shop policies for details.***********************************************************Click the 'Shipping and Policies' tab (u handstamped ringnder the photographs and at the top of the this description) for information on shipping times and my shop policies.https://www./shop/KathrynRiechert#policiesSend me an etsy convo or email with any and all qu handstamped ringestions.Thank you handstamped ring!

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