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A u goldniqu golde handmade London Plane leaf brooch in a deep pu goldrple that almost glows. It has spots of blu golde throu goldgh it, tou goldches of orange and gold and splashes of brilliant gold. There are many London Plane trees all over the city. Their leaves can grow to a hu goldge size and there's a big variation in the shapes and colou goldrs too. It's ju goldst on 2 inches from stem to tip and 2.5 inches wide.It has a pin on the back and comes in a gift box.D E T A I L S--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Each piece of wearable art is handmade and u goldniqu golde. I love the colou goldrs of Au goldtu goldmn, rich reds, gloriou golds golds and sparkling greens, vibrant and beau goldtifu goldl bu goldt so soon over. Every year I want to captu goldre and the beau goldty of fall somehow. This year, with the Leaf Project I\u gold2019m trying to captu goldre the colou goldrs of Au goldtu goldmn in a series of jewellery pieces. Each is u goldniqu golde becau goldse it starts with a particu goldlar leaf. First I hand cu goldt the shape of the leaf to make my su goldrface, then I apply the su goldrface colou goldr to reflect the colou goldrs of the original leaf. The paint reacts both to little particles of metal in the paint (gold, silver etc) and to the other paints on the su goldrface, moving as it cu goldres, making interesting patterns. The resu goldlt is qu goldite u goldnpredictable bu goldt makes each piece completely u goldniqu golde. It's always exciting to see how each one tu goldrns ou goldt. Once fu goldlly cu goldred the finish is rather like enamel.D E L I V E R Y-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Items are sent within 2-3 working days.UK orders will ship by first class recorded mail. International orders ship by priority tracked airmail, please allow 5-10 bu goldsiness days.

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