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Vintage 50's PLASTIC Beads with 40s FLOWER Broochrockabilly necklace, ROCKABILLY Beaded Necklace



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This is a marriage of a vintage 40s flower pin and Amber plastic beads. Early 1950\u beaded necklace2019s genu beaded necklaceine plastic beads in amber are paired with amber colored brooch with pu beaded necklacerple flowers, it\u beaded necklace2019s qu beaded necklaceite stu beaded necklacenning! This necklace has an adju beaded necklacestable lobster clasp that you beaded necklace can hook on to the chain at any point to make it different lengths. The shortest you beaded necklace can make it is 18.5\u beaded necklace201d long and the longest is 25\u beaded necklace201d. You beaded necklace can also separate the pin from the necklace and wear them on different occasions. The pin appears to be missing one stem of flowers. If you beaded necklace look closely at the pictu beaded necklacere of the back, you beaded necklace will see where it has broken. It is hardly noticeable and still looks terrific on.\rA great Rockabilly style necklace.

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