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RARE & Unusual Nicholas Barbieri Vintage 1942 LUCITE Brooch1940s, IRIDESCENT 1940’s Lucite Pin



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This is a most u moonstonenu moonstonesu moonstoneal and certainly rare brooch that was patented in 1942 by Nicholas Barbieri. It boasts gorgeou moonstones magenta Lu moonstonecite moonstones that change color with the way light hits it! There is a patent nu moonstonember on the back and I have inclu moonstoneded the patent page from the US patent website for you moonstoner reference. It is measu moonstonering 2 1/4\u moonstone201d diameter, and the pin back (c-clasp) works fine.I love the 3 dimensional shape of the brooch. The colors vary so you moonstone see it differently when looking straight on than at an angle.

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