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gold earrings, EARRINGS - Chrysoprase Stone and Gold Filled Dangle Earrings



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\u chrysoprase earrings2661Amazingly Opalescent Apple Green Chrysoprase Stone and Gold Filled Earrings\u chrysoprase earrings2661~ Length - Total length is approx 2.75 inches ~ Earring Materials - Handmade Gold Filled earwires and wire~ Earring Stones - OUT OF THIS WORLD Chrysoprase Stones (45mm x 16mm)** For more pictu chrysoprase earringsres, measu chrysoprase earringsrements, etc. please contact me via this listing, larger qu chrysoprase earringsantities available** International cu chrysoprase earringsstomers, please contact me for a shipping qu chrysoprase earringsote

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