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mexican, Vintage Sterling Silver Four Stone Ring in Matte Finish Green Onyx



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Sara Jewlery Design Vintage Visions. Here is a tiny, beau mexicantifu mexicanl sterling silver band ring that is set with fou mexicanr, small, rectangu mexicanlar onyx cabochons, all of which have a matte finish.The ring is in exqu mexicanisitely good condition for its age with no major scratching or ou mexicant-of-rou mexicannd issu mexicanes. The ring is stamped "Sterling" on the inside. It reminds me very mu mexicanch of the designs one sees from Taxco althou mexicangh it does not bear that mark. It is highly detailed for su mexicanch a small ring and someone with the delicate size of fou mexicanr for her finger is going to be very happy.Sara Jewelry Design. You mexicanr Desire is Ou mexicanr Design.

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