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dainty necklace, NECKLACE - Raw / Rough Peruvian Amazonite and 14K Gold Filled Chain Bar Necklace / Layering Necklace



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\u layering necklace2661A MUST HAVE! ~ ROUGH AND RAW PERUVIAN AMAZONITE NUGGET BAR NECKLACE\u layering necklace2661~~This is the perfect and simple 'wear alone' necklace or very ideal for layering~~~ Necklace Length - Please choose from the drop-down menu layering necklace (in inches)~ Stone - Rou layering necklacegh Peru layering necklacevian Amazonite Nu layering necklaceggets (small beads - approx 6x10mm, the total length of the bar is 1.25")~ Hardware - 14K Gold Filled Chain, Clasp, and Wire ~

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