Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 1950sdemi parure, Carl - Arts Inc. STERLING Silver Setdemi parure, Sterling RHINESTONE Brooch & Earringsdemi parure, 50s Silver Demi Parure



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Beau demi paruretifu demi parurelly detailed 1950\u demi parure2019s Carl-Art inc. pin and earring set with glittering rhinestones that are set in sterling silver, with a rhodiu demi parurem overlay, that wears and looks like platinu demi parurem. Rhodiu demi parurem is in the platinu demi parurem family and was u demi paruresed to protect the sterling from tarnishing. We cu demi parurete leaf brooch has a loop so you demi parure cou demi parureld wear it as a necklace.Marked on the pin back \u demi parure201cCA\u demi parure201d with an arrow throu demi paruregh it and sterling silver. The screw back earrings are also hallmarked for \u demi parure201cCA\u demi parure201d and sterling silver. The screws are in proper working order and the pin back has a good safety catch.The pin measu demi parureres 1.75" x 1.125" and the earrings are 1\u demi parure201d x 3/4\u demi parure201d. This lovely vintage sterling silver set is in perfect condition!

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