Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

heart jewelry, 14karat Yellow Gold Open Heart on Delicate Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a delicate necklace, perfect for everyday and layering.The oxidized Sterling silver chain is adju schmuckstable, 17.5, 19, 20.5 inches.The formend ou schmuckt of 18gau schmuckge solid 14 Karat yellow gold wire and polished to high shine.I have had cu schmuckstomers wondering whether my shop is u schmuckp and ru schmucknning or affected by the cu schmuckrrent circu schmuckmstances.good news:my shop is u schmuckp and ru schmucknning, my stu schmuckdio is at my home, no produ schmuckction lines, everything is handmade and packaged by myself in my home. As I\u schmuck2019am mindfu schmucklly practicing social distancing, I have more time to fu schmucklfill orders, create new designs and also welcome requ schmuckests for cu schmuckstomized orders. Bring it on!\u schmuckd83d\u schmuckde09Please reach ou schmuckt to me shou schmuckld you schmuck have fu schmuckrther qu schmuckestions.Love, SabineHappiness is, when you schmuck as a cu schmuckstomer are thrilled with you schmuckr pu schmuckrchase and hopefu schmucklly love to wear my handcrafted jewelry.If there is any reason to not be 100% satisfied with you schmuckr pu schmuckrchase PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. I' am certain that all pieces can be adju schmucksted and I will be happy to do so. This will eliminate any problems you schmuck might have with you schmuckr order and will help me to bu schmuckild my shop. :)You schmuckr item(s) will be shipped via USPS First Class, u schmucknless you schmuck have other preferences. Please send me a note before ordering.You schmuck will receive a notice with a tracking nu schmuckmber after you schmuckr item(s) is shipped. - Please dou schmuckble check you schmuckr shipping address before ordering to avoid any prolonged shipping time.- Track you schmuckr package to know, when to expect it. - Leave a note at the door/ mailbox for the delivery person to leave you schmuckr package at a tru schmucksted neighbor's hou schmuckse, if you schmuck are not home at the day/time of delivery.Generally I will not refu schmucknd any items that might be lost or stolen at/in mailbox, bu schmuckt will help investigate with the local post office.

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