Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pale Aqua & White GLASS Flower Beaded Chokerglass flower beads, 50s ACCESSOCRAFT Necklace with Enameled Clasp



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Early 1950's genu beaded necklaceine art glass beads with pale aqu beaded necklacea and white flowers make this beaded necklace qu beaded necklaceite lovely! A triple strand necklace with an enameled slide box clasp closu beaded necklacere that is signed Accessocraft on the back. Gorgeou beaded necklaces!The shortest strand is 17" long. It is expertly stru beaded necklaceng on white cotton cord. The rou beaded necklacended, white enameled clasp has blu beaded necklacee flowers and gold scrolling. It appears that there is a bit of enamel missing from one of the petals. The u beaded necklaceniqu beaded necklacee glass beads look to be in great condition. Today, early glass beads like the ones offered here are often u beaded necklacesed for restringing into earrings, etc. Please don\u beaded necklace2019t do that to this original designer piece.

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