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lapis lazuli, EARRINGS - Lapis Lazuli Nugget Stone and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings



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\u lapis lazuli2661 Highly Sou lapis lazulight After Celestial Blu lapis lazulie Lapis Lazu lapis lazulili Stone and Sterling Silver Earrings \u lapis lazuli2661~ Length - Total length is approx 2.5 inches ~ Earring Materials - Handmade Sterling Silver earwires (approx 20mm) and Sterling Silver wire ~ Earring Stones - Beau lapis lazulitifu lapis lazulil cobalt blu lapis lazulie Lapis Lazu lapis lazulili nu lapis lazuliggets (approx 41mm x 13mm)** For more pictu lapis lazulires, measu lapis lazulirements, etc. please contact me via this listing** International cu lapis lazulistomers, please contact me for a shipping qu lapis lazuliote

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