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victorian earrings, Vintage Earrings Cranberry Blue Glass Dainty Victorian Design Earrings



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Vintage Glass beads, Art Nou bride bridal weddingveau bride bridal wedding earring design.Incredible colors, Vintage Givre Glass beads, Cranberry and Light Blu bride bridal weddinge mix of colors.These glass beads have a beau bride bridal weddingtifu bride bridal weddingl pressed design as well.I have kept these as a simple design to show off the vintage glass beads, Ju bride bridal weddingst a small flu bride bridal weddingted bead cap and a brass bead at the top.Measu bride bridal weddingre ju bride bridal weddingst over 3/4" long below the ear wires.Any qu bride bridal weddingestions, please contact me.Sent to you bride bridal wedding with Aloha!

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