Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950s vintage rhinestone stretch bracelet50s jewelry, blue glass heart & starburst50s jewelry, watch expansion style



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Beau 1950s vintagetifu 1950s vintagel vintage 50s stretch/expansion bracelet in a dainty watch band style. Icy aqu 1950s vintagea blu 1950s vintagee glass starbu 1950s vintagerst su 1950s vintagerrou 1950s vintagends a slightly darker aqu 1950s vintagea blu 1950s vintagee glass heart, prong set. Excellent condition. Faintest gold color loss on the inside only - hard to see and does not show when worn. Seems like an u 1950s vintagensigned designer piece bu 1950s vintaget I cou 1950s vintageldn't find anything similar. Shown on a 6" wrist, fit was comfortable. Measu 1950s vintageres a teeny pinch over 6". Focal rhinestone area is ju 1950s vintagest over 1.25" x 1".I combine shipping on mu 1950s vintageltiple

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