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These chainmaille earrings featu chain maillere hand woven Helm chainmaille segments in shiny bright alu chain mailleminu chain maillem and matte black anodized alu chain mailleminu chain maillem. These earrings are qu chain mailleite lightweight du chain maillee to the materials I u chain maillesed to create them, so they are easy on the ears. They are completed by small rou chain maillend tou chain maillermalated qu chain mailleartz beads, each silver/grey with black inclu chain maillesions.Length: Abou chain maillet 2 1/2"Width: 3/4"Colors: Shiny Silver, Matte Black, GreyMaterials: Bright Alu chain mailleminu chain maillem Rings, Anodized Alu chain mailleminu chain maillem Rings, Tou chain maillermalated Qu chain mailleartz BeadsEarwires: Steel LeverbacksYou chain maille can see my other chainmaille earrings here: https://www./shop/Lu chain maillenachick?section_id=5018511&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3Qu chain mailleestions? Feel free to check ou chain maillet my Shop Policies for more info:http://www./shop/Lu chain maillenachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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