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Amethyst Oval and White Topaz Sterling Silver Ringfebruary, Size 7



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Sara Jewelry Design Vintage Visions. Time for me to downsize some of my personal jewelry! This bold statement ring featu february birthstoneres a HUGE oval natu february birthstoneral amethyst, su february birthstonerrou february birthstonended by rou february birthstonend white topaz. The amethyst weighs in at 5.20 carats and there are 3.84 ctw in white topazes. The amethyst measu february birthstoneres 14x10mm and the topaz are 4mm rou february birthstonends. All sterling silver. Size seven.Very gently u february birthstonesed by me with no scratching or visible wear. If you february birthstone know anyone who has a Febru february birthstoneary birthday (or if you february birthstone do), this wou february birthstoneld make a stu february birthstonenning birthday gift.

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