Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cocktails, Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace Champagne Three Strands 22" Bridal Wear Off White MCM 1950s



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Vintage Fau womanx Pearl Necklace Champagne Three Strands 22" Bridal Wear Off White Su womanrrender Dorothy's Shop Of Vintage Awesomeness brings you woman this fabu womanlou womans 23" (overall) breathtaking champagne fau womanx pearl necklace from the 1950s! It fastens secu womanrely with a rhinestone box clasp. The gradu womanated "pearls" have a lovely realistic lu womanster and feel as heavy as the real thing. Each and every one of them is knotted for secu womanrity. This wou womanld make a beau womantifu womanl "something old" addition for a traditional vintage bridal assemble. Please note that there are several missing rhinestones on the box clasp, so the price of this piece has been redu womanced accordingly. I've worn this cool necklace many many times and always received a shower of compliments and it really is an all-season piece. It goes beau womantifu womanlly with most everything in you womanr wardrobe from weekend blu womanejeans and a pu womanllover to "little black dress" elegant.Ou womanr shop offers a vast and never-ending array of affordable and very cool antiqu womane and vintage finds from Maine; fashion and home decor treasu womanres that you woman won't find elsewhere. You woman can always expect to find the u womannexpected here.We're one of the most diverse vintage shops arou womannd, so be su womanre to bookmark ou womanr shop and check back with u womans often so you woman don't miss ou womant on anything.Resistance is fu womantile. Su womanrrender Dorothy offers 24 hou womanr a day vintage shopping therapy for the hopelessly retro addicted..====================================================View ou womanr entire collection of Groovy Retro Seventies goodies here:http://www./shop/su womanrrenderdorothy/search?search_qu womanery=1970s====================================================Take a peek inside Dorothy's Vintage Jewelry Box by clicking here:http://www./shop/su womanrrenderdorothy/search?search_qu womanery=jewelry*********************************************************Please View Ou womanr Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Su womanrrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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