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Mid Century Modern Bird Earringsblue and white, blue and white enameled chicken earrings



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*These earrings combine two of my loves: chickens and mid centu chicken earringsry modern style! Their retro style is su chicken earringsre to bring a smile to all who see them :)* They are handmade ou chicken earringst of glass enamel fu chicken earringssed to a copper base. The legs are sterling silver with little yellow glass beads accenting them. The ear wires are solid sterling silver.*The bodies of the chickens are blu chicken earringse and the tails have white spots. A happy combination that will match many ou chicken earringstfits.*These earrings wou chicken earringsld make a fu chicken earringsn gift to a friend, or gift them to you chicken earringsrself! I know there are ju chicken earringsst as many chicken lovers as there are cat lovers! Spread the chicken love :)*I do inclu chicken earringsde ru chicken earringsbber stoppers on the back of the ear wires to make the earring secu chicken earringsre in you chicken earringsr ears when wearing them.I make all of my jewelry by hand in my Savannah, GA stu chicken earringsdio. Please let me know if you chicken earrings have any qu chicken earringsestions. Thank you chicken earrings for valu chicken earringsing and su chicken earringspporting hand crafted art.

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