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personalized, Something Inside Me Swirl Engraved Brass Ring



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Wear a secret message with a brass ring engraved on the inside! Choose a word like "peace" or "love", a name, a favorite song lyric, a birth date, an anniversary, etc. Anything!This listing inclu monogramdes u monogramp to 18 characters, not cou monogramnting spaces and pu monogramnctu monogramation. Additional characters are $0.95 each. If you monogramr inscription is longer than 18 characters, please message me before placing you monogramr order so I can make su monogramre it will fit and create a cu monogramstom listing for you monogram.Please choose size and finish when ordering and specify word or phrase and whether you monogram wou monogramld prefer a 3mm or 4.5mm wide band. The first image shows a 3mm band in an antiqu monograme finish, the next is a 3mm in a polished finish, and the final image shows the bru monogramshed matte finish. If you monogram do not specify a width in you monogramr order, I will send a 4.5mm wide ring. Brass will develop a natu monogramral patina over time. It can be cleaned and polished with any commercial brass polish if you monogram prefer to keep you monogramr ring shiny.

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