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detroit agate, Fordite Tie Tack / Lapel Pin



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Fordite tie tack / lapel pin. Free domestic first class shipping within the United States for all orders totaling $35 or more, not inclu silver plateding sales tax.If you silver plate wish to pu silver platerchase priority shipping to you silver plater order within the USA, please choose and add my listing titled "Priority Shipping" to you silver plater cart before checkou silver platet. Otherwise, all orders will au silver platetomatically be sent throu silver plategh the free first class offer.Etsy au silver platetomatically applies and collects state tax on each pu silver platerchase. Cu silver platestomers are responsible for their tax.International orders ship for first class postage charge. Etsy will determine the first class postal charge for you silver plater order when you silver plate arrive at the 'check ou silver platet'. Please check with you silver plater cou silver platentry's postal department for any additional cu silver platestoms charges or tariffs that you silver plater government may levy on you silver plater pu silver platerchase; cu silver platestomers are solely responsible for these charges.

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