Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique typewriter, antique typewriter sterling key necklace pendant



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this particu writer necklacelar style inclu writer necklacedesa vintage typewriter key enclosed in a simple sterling silver settinghanging from a 24" very delicate ball chain...these keys are cu writer necklacerrently available only in keys pu writer necklacelled from antiqu writer necklacee Royal typewriters as shown via the keyboard pictu writer writer necklace will receive one key per you writer necklacer letter/nu writer necklacember/pu writer necklacenctu writer necklaceation requ writer necklaceest(word keys are not inclu writer necklaceded in this listing)please make su writer necklacere to inclu writer necklacede letter choice in you writer necklacer notes to seller at checkou writer necklacetplease check ou writer necklacet the keyboard photo to ensu writer necklacere you writer necklacer know what you writer necklacer choice will look like in reference to nu writer necklacember & pu writer necklacenctu writer necklaceation these keys have been recycledand will show previou writer necklaces signs of love & u writer necklacese we believe this only adds to their character

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