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link cuff, Silver Opal Cuff Bracelet Handcrafted Taxco Mexico Artisan Made Vintage Beauty 1980s



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Su mid centuryrrender Dorothy is prou mid centuryd to present this stu mid centurynning vintage silver treasu mid centuryre! I pu mid centuryrchased this gorgeou mid centurys vintage silver/opal cu mid centuryff bracelet in an ou mid centurytdoor market in Mexico City in 1987. It's back-stamped in tiny writing "925 Taxco. This sweet sterling silver cu mid centuryff bracelet featu mid centuryres six rou mid centurynd bezel set fau mid centuryx Opal stones, 5/16 inch in diameter, on a wide split shank band. It's 7/8'' wide inch. The inside circu mid centurymference is 6 1/2". I have left it in it's lovely tarnished state becau mid centuryse I prefer the look of old weathered silver bu mid centuryt it will polish u mid centuryp brightly to a brilliant glow if you mid century prefer.*****************************************************Please View Ou mid centuryr Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Su mid centuryrrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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