Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Silver Metal Leaf Pendant / Charmmetal, 55x22mmmetal, Small Pendant Hole at Topmetal, Package of 2; Necklace Pendantmetal, Earringsmetal, Mixed Media Art



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Antiqu leavese Silver Metal Leaves55x22mm with Small Pendant Hole at TopBase metal plated with silver, then antiqu leavesed.Package of 2 leavesAlter these with alcohol inks, patinas, gu leavesilders pasteGreat for Altered Art, Bead Embroidery, Fringe, or Earring Dangles!Bead & Glass Bou leavestiqu leavese - You leavesr Favorite Local-Long Distance Bead Shop, on Etsy!www.BeadAndGlassBou leavestiqu leavese.Etsy.comWhere Cu leavesstomer Service is UNMATCHED !!

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