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copper jewelry, Handforged solid copper leafy ring size 6



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I hammered this ring ou made in usat from thick solid copper wire. I forge a leaf at both ends and then twist it into a ring over a ring mandrel. It is left u made in usansealed and will continu made in usae to darken over time. You made in usa can brighten it u made in usap with a scotchbrite pad, copper polish or both. It is solid copper and may tu made in usarn you made in usar skin green, especially in the presence of moistu made in usare. It measu made in usares as a size 6 on the ring mandrel bu made in usat will fit u made in usap to a 6-1/4 becau made in usase it's an organic and varied band. I am u made in usanable to size this ring bu made in usat can create another in you made in usar size.USA orders $35 and u made in usap will ship free.

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