Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large triangle, Large Triangle Hoop Pendant/Boho Eternal Minimalist Necklace/Modern Open Triangle Necklace/Layering Necklace



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Now $72, was $99.95!Minimalist yet elegantly and striking, this rou hoop necklacended triangle frames negative space in hand-hammered darkened sterling to contrast with the bright sterling chain. A stu hoop necklacedy in dark and light, it will become you hoop necklacer go-to accessory; it goes with so many styles and necklines. Each is u hoop necklaceniqu hoop necklacee and will vary.large circle necklace big circle necklace silver copper brass hammered bru hoop necklaceshed minimalist modern simple rou hoop necklacend ring gold BIG CIRCLE NECKLACE

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