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A beaded shamballa style bracelet made with mahogany jasper, lava rock and black waxed cotton cord. The clasp is an adju brown braceletstable style knot. Please measu brown braceletre you brown braceletr wrist if you brown bracelet do not know the length. Add 1.25" to you brown braceletr wrist measu brown braceletrement for a tight fit and 1.5" for a looser fit. This will give you brown bracelet the bracelet measu brown braceletrement. Select the bracelet size you brown bracelet need when checking ou brown bracelett. Please check the photo for measu brown braceletring accu brown braceletrately. We are not responsible for the bracelet not fitting so please choose and measu brown braceletre carefu brown braceletlly. The bracelet will fit you brown bracelet exactly and the sliding knot will allow you brown bracelet to take it on and off. All DLD Men's jewelry comes in a kraft paper jewelry box for gift giving. We u brown braceletse the highest qu brown braceletality findings to ensu brown braceletre a piece that will last for years to come. DLD jewelry comes with a lifetime gu brown braceletarantee.

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