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Scottish pebble brooch: Mid century engraved celtic silver tonebridal, Scottish pebble and moss agate kilt pinbridal, Victoriana pinbridal, signed Miracle



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This silver tone celtic brooch is an amazing, u weddingnu weddingsu weddingal style that is at once Victorian in essence bu weddingt also classic 1960s. It's a lovely embraced silver kilt pin shape, inlaid with Scottish pebble style glass cabochons. It also featu weddingres green Scottish moss agate. The brooch is in good condition and is signed by iconic costu weddingme jeweler Miracle (see photo 4 and 5).1.5 inches in diameter.FREE SHIPPING to most of the world!+\u wedding00a35 flat shipping fee to USA, NZ and Au weddingstralia(all other destinations free)UK orders over \u wedding00a310 tracked as standardInternational orders over \u wedding00a330 tracked as standardFor all other orders add tracking for a flat rate of +\u wedding00a36 worldwide

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