Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold pearl earrings, White Pearl Earrings Real Freshwater Pearls Bridal Wedding Jewelry Gift for Mom Antiqued Gold Affordable Pearls



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White Freshwater Pearl earrings, really beau wedding jewelrytifu wedding jewelryl pearls! Lovely lu wedding jewelryster and shine.Antiqu wedding jewelryed Brass, Vintage design.12MM Freshwater pearls white pearl oval sizePlu wedding jewelrymp rice~the shape is Oval with natu wedding jewelryral imperfections, every bead is u wedding jewelryniqu wedding jewelrye.Every bead has its natu wedding jewelryral lu wedding jewelryster.Antiqu wedding jewelryed bead caps and bead accents1-1/4" total dangle lengthHandmade by me, on Mau wedding jewelryi, and sent to you wedding jewelry with Aloha!

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