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light weight, Blue Jade Swirl Beads on Silver Circle Earrings



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These earrings have a silver circle with swirls throu blue gemstone beadsgh ou blue gemstone beadst the circle.Hanging from the circle are dyed Blu blue gemstone beadse Jade rou blue gemstone beadsnd beads. They are dyed in varying shades of blu blue gemstone beadse and in a swirl pattern. This makes the beads dark on some spots and lighter (almost to white) in other spots. Similar to a pool of water.Below the jade, is a silver faceted bead.The earring wires are sterling silver.*************************************************Thank you blue gemstone beads so mu blue gemstone beadsch for visiting my store! All items are hand assembled by myself. I strive to find u blue gemstone beadsniqu blue gemstone beadse, fu blue gemstone beadsn, and interesting pieces from all over the world to provide you blue gemstone beads with interesting items here on my store. If you blue gemstone beads have any qu blue gemstone beadsestions, please ask!Items may contain small pieces not su blue gemstone beadsitable for you blue gemstone beadsng children. Please u blue gemstone beadsse you blue gemstone beadsr discretion when considering if an item can safely be worn by a small child.

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